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The Differences Between Running a Small Company vs. a Big One

by: Inc. Magazine

Is it easier to run a small company than a big one? What skills are needed at different stages of a company? Can a big company CEO succeed at a smaller organization and vice versa? Here are some answers from …

|22 Jun 2017

How To Scale A Business

by: Texas CEO Magazine

Scaling a business is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. Once the decision is made, it’s time to seek advice — from trusted business counselors and experts in the field…Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus Software; Sean Bauld, an entrepreneur …

|27 May 2017

Here’s What Happens When You Have a Stellar Company Strategy

by: Inc.

A good strategy is worth its weight in gold. Here are five reasons leaders need to take strategy very seriously in their organizations.

|10 May 2017

Podcast Interview with Joel Trammell, Founder of Khorus

by: Startup Sense Podcast

Entrepreneurs, founders and CEO’s have a variety of platforms and software products to help them with marketing, hiring, financials and just about every other aspect of running a company but there’s no platform to help CEO’s be better CEO’s. That …

|08 May 2017

To Set a Great Company Strategy, Avoid These 7 Traps

by: Inc.

Defining company strategy is a fundamental CEO responsibility. Watch out for these common pitfalls as you go about it.

|26 Apr 2017