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You’re a Real CEO When Your Company Is Bigger Than Your Title

When is a CEO a “real” CEO? Here are some specifics.

|20 Jan 2017

How Military Service Made These Veterans Better Entrepreneurs

These 10 vets attribute their time in the military to making them better entrepreneurs. Check out their stories.

|11 Nov 2016

The Power of Strategic Talent Planning

During a recent visit with uber-successful CEO Joel Trammell (, I was reminded of a key CEO responsibility…one of your most important jobs.

|02 Nov 2016

Five for Friday: Leadership hacks

Tom Peters, the Red Bull of management thinking, believes “Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” This is an important distinction.

|07 Oct 2016

How to React When People Quit

What do you do when a key employee quits? Is there a lot of gnashing of teeth and stomping around asking Why me? Or do you have a moment of quiet panic? It’s only natural for you to feel like this is a punch in the gut and a personal rejection,

|04 Oct 2016

When to Hire Raw Talent vs. Job Experience

You have two candidates for a position. One is experienced and knowledgeable while the other is inexperienced but talented. Which one should you hire? Making the right decision can be a source of competitive advantage for your business.

|13 Sep 2016

5 Traits to Look For in Every Job Candidate

As a CEO who has interviewed thousands of candidates over the years, here are the five traits I believe you should look for in every candidate you hire.

|18 Aug 2016

How to Solicit Valuable Feedback From Your Board

It’s up to you to establish a relationship with your board that encourages them to provide appropriate and useful feedback. Here are two ways to do just that.

|12 Aug 2016

4 Considerations at Least as Important as Not Going Over Budget

Here are four ways to align the budget with business objectives.

|13 Jul 2016

6 Habits of People-Centric Leaders

Here are six habits of leaders who value people over data (nothing against data, of course). These habits have gone a long way toward helping me build and operate several successful businesses.

|28 Jun 2016