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How Military Service Made These Veterans Better Entrepreneurs

These 10 vets attribute their time in the military to making them better entrepreneurs. Check out their stories.

|11 Nov 2016

The Power of Strategic Talent Planning

During a recent visit with uber-successful CEO Joel Trammell (, I was reminded of a key CEO responsibility…one of your most important jobs.

|02 Nov 2016

Five for Friday: Leadership hacks

Tom Peters, the Red Bull of management thinking, believes “Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” This is an important distinction.

|07 Oct 2016

How to React When People Quit

What do you do when a key employee quits? Is there a lot of gnashing of teeth and stomping around asking Why me? Or do you have a moment of quiet panic? It’s only natural for you to feel like this is a punch in the gut and a personal rejection,

|04 Oct 2016

When to Hire Raw Talent vs. Job Experience

You have two candidates for a position. One is experienced and knowledgeable while the other is inexperienced but talented. Which one should you hire? Making the right decision can be a source of competitive advantage for your business.

|13 Sep 2016

5 Traits to Look For in Every Job Candidate

As a CEO who has interviewed thousands of candidates over the years, here are the five traits I believe you should look for in every candidate you hire.

|18 Aug 2016

How to Solicit Valuable Feedback From Your Board

It’s up to you to establish a relationship with your board that encourages them to provide appropriate and useful feedback. Here are two ways to do just that.

|12 Aug 2016

4 Considerations at Least as Important as Not Going Over Budget

Here are four ways to align the budget with business objectives.

|13 Jul 2016

6 Habits of People-Centric Leaders

Here are six habits of leaders who value people over data (nothing against data, of course). These habits have gone a long way toward helping me build and operate several successful businesses.

|28 Jun 2016

10 Ways to Maximize Your Professional Development

I believe that anyone can succeed if they prepare themselves for the next level in their careers. To do so, you must exploit every opportunity to learn. Here are 10 ways to take control of your leadership development.

|24 Jun 2016