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Make room for A players: Stars don’t always turn up on your schedule

Judging talent and putting it to best use for both employee and organizational growth is one of a CEO’s most important responsibilities.

|28 Mar 2013

Advice for CEOs in We Are Austin Tech Video

We Are Austin Tech tells the stories of Austin’s movers and shakers in 5-minute video increments, and I was honored to be the subject of their most recent video.

|26 Mar 2013

You snooze you lose when you fail to hire quickly

A recent article in Business Insider reported that Yahoo’s hiring process is taking so long that they are losing out on talented people (and aggravating their employee base). The culprit? CEO Marissa Mayer’s bureaucratic tendencies.

|26 Mar 2013

Three heads aren’t better than one in CEO land

Does Samsung really need three CEOs?

Boy this is a strange one: Samsung recently announced that two of its presidents will assume co-CEO roles with current CEO Kwon Oh-hyun. Three CEOs.

|25 Mar 2013

Encouraging feats of strength in your employees

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg considers “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton the best business book she has read in recent years.

|21 Mar 2013

Support oddballs in your company culture

I’ve been discussing the traits I look for in every job candidate, including exceptionalism, motivation, creative initiative, and value.

|19 Mar 2013

When do you hire for job experience vs. raw talent?

Photo Credit: Horia Varlan via Compfight cc
I’ve been discussing the top traits I look for in job candidates – creative initiative, exceptionalism, motivation and value – but a vital and vexing question for most hiring managers is whether to hi

|14 Mar 2013

Why the CEO-chair split DOESN’T matter

A CNNMoney/Fortune article today titled “Why the CEO-chair split matters” reports on how a group of union retirement funds believes that CEOs should not also serve as chairman of the board at their companies because it is a conflict of in

|13 Mar 2013

Judging talent: Motivation and value

Besides creative initiative and exceptionalism, which I’ve written about recently, there are two more traits I look for in every job candidate: motivation and value. Here’s what I mean by each.

|12 Mar 2013

At Texas Governor Rick Perry’s High-tech CEO Summit

Great event with the Governor this morning during SXSW to discuss how to further Texas as a hotbed of high-tech growth and innovation
.@governorperry: What we’ve created here is global. #CEOSummit #SXSW twitter.

|08 Mar 2013



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