CEOs: Employee engagement matters

This infographic from is a good depiction of why employee engagement matters. It is essential in driving a high-performance culture.  In doing research for my book, I too have found that the more creative and intellectually challenging the work, the more employee engagement predicts performance in the work place. If your business depends more upon the intellect of your workers than their brawn, you will want to focus on employee engagement to maximize productivity. I’ll be writing more about this in upcoming posts.

What CEOs Should Know About Employee Engagement

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  1. Imagine some people read this post and continue to think of engagement is a ‘soft’ attribute. But if you think engagement’s unimportant think again. Here’s a link to post I wrote that references a study that looked at the causality between engagement and profitability.

  2. Love this infographic! Employee engagement is real. And, it impacts the bottom line and customer service/experience. Many companies have proven that if you treat the employees well, they will return the favor by treating your customers well.

  3. Kent Handelsman says:

    Great data. The interesting conundrum for executives is that “command and control” type leaders really would prefer not to have engaged employees, just loyal troops. Seeking engagement and then ignoring it creates greater cognitive dissonance than never seeking it in the first place.

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