Introducing my new Forbes column

The American CEO

I have just become a Forbes contributor and my site is aptly named The American CEO, where I give “practical advice for current and aspiring CEOs” much like I do in this blog. In my first article I write about why CEOs need to own their recruiting functions and provide 10 rules for how to manage them. I also recommend five tangible metrics for monitoring the performance of your recruiting organization, which have worked well for me. I invite you to visit my site and follow it as well as share my articles if you find them worthy. I’ll continue to post here regularly as well.

8 Responses to Introducing my new Forbes column

  1. Congratulations! I’m glad your ideas and processes about best practices in management and leadership in today’s world will be seen by many more people now. Please save a seat for me at one of your eventual sold out speaking engagements…

  2. Daniel Ley says:

    Congrats on the new column!! It is great to see you published in a global forum for business leaderhip.

  3. Mike Mallow says:

    Very happy to see your ideas and experiences shared globally

  4. DJ Johnstone says:

    I always talk so highly about my time at NetQoS and how much of a hands on CEO you were there. How you were personally involved in the interview and hiring process was amazing and created a great environment to work in. Great article. Looking forward to more.

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