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The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 3

Last week I discussed the first two elements of the SCARF model for understanding corporate culture: Status and Certainty. Here are the final three areas that can elicit a reward/threat response in employees: Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness.

|30 Jul 2013

DILBERT puts leadership books into context

As I prepare to publish my own book about leadership next year (Update: The CEO Tightrope published in September 2014), I thought I would share this recent gem from DILBERT. Yes, Scott Adams has a point (Doesn’t he always?).

|25 Jul 2013

The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 2

Last week I introduced the SCARF model as a way for CEOs to understand and influence their company cultures. Humans are wired to react to rewards and threats in our environments, including in social situations.

|23 Jul 2013

New Forbes post: No country for new CEOs

CEOs these days are given one term in office. If they’re very successful, they might get four more years.

|22 Jul 2013

Can you be too confident as a CEO?

Over-confident CEOs can put companies at risk, research shows 
CEOs need to demonstrate strong leadership and good decision-making skills, but CEOs with over-confidence can involve their companies in riskier ventures and put investors’ funds a

|18 Jul 2013

The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 1

Do employees always react to company news in the way you expect? If you have been a CEO or even a manager for very long you’ve learned that they don’t.

|16 Jul 2013

21 Bestselling Books Written By CEOs

21 Bestselling Books Written By CEOs recently published this list featuring books by everyone from Bill Gates to Richard Branson to Martha Stewart. While it seems that every CEO writes a book nowadays, many of these are worth reading.

|11 Jul 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Deliver Performance

I recently discussed how important building the culture is to maximizing performance. The CEO must also take an active role in driving that performance, which is the fifth and final key CEO responsibility in this series.

|09 Jul 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Make Good Decisions

The breadth of issues new CEOs are forced to deal with on a daily basis often surprises them. One minute they are discussing a new product, the next a building lease, and then a legal issue.

|02 Jul 2013



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