How to set corporate goals in 2014

Effective goals management leads to execution that supports corporate strategy

Effective goals management leads to execution that supports corporate strategy

I’ve done a couple of Webinars recently to show CEOs and other executives how to set goals for their organizations. This is one of the keys to success in any company. The bigger your organization gets, the more disconnected your employees will become from the big picture strategy if you don’t do something formally to link them together. Cascading goals are a way to do that, but only if every employee understands how their day-to-day contributions tie to the corporate goals, and you have a way to continually and consistently monitor, measure, and hold everyone accountable.

In these Webinars, I share the goals management system I’ve used in the past. This has morphed into a software system for CEOs in my new company Khorus. Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll learn:

  • The top 3 CEO challenges
  • Why quarterly goals are necessary
  • The 5 steps needed for execution to happen
  • How to set corporate, department, and individual goals
  • How to choose the proper measures
  • How to review goals and give feedback
  • Goal setting and execution timeline
  • Do’s and don’ts

If you are an ExecSense subscriber, find my Webinar here: “Best Practices for Establishing 2014 Goals for Your Management Team

Another version is available on YouTube here: “Get to High Performance: The CEO’s Art of Setting Goals

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