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Veteran Austin CEO, entrepreneur will help new CEOs strike the right balance

by: Austin Business Journal

Trammell, Khorus Inc. CEO and chairman emeritus of the Austin Technology Council, reveals his go-to methodology for new CEOs in his first book “The CEO Tightrope: How to Master the Balancing Act of a Successful CEO,” which hits bookstores in …

|28 May 2014

Communicating the New CEO’s Vision with Why, What and Where


Every new leader faces the immediate challenge of how best to communicate his or her vision to the organization. Employees are anxious when there is a change at the top, so it is important to begin the communication process as …

|19 May 2014

Target’s CEO Steps Down. But Why Now?

by: Entrepreneur

To explain the board’s delayed reaction, Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus, which creates business management software for executives , said that “it’s never wise to dismiss a CEO in the midst of a crisis unless they themselves triggered it.”

|05 May 2014

Plugged In: Software startup’s aim is to teach CEOs how to be CEOs

by: Austin American-Statesman

One reason so many CEOs fail is because they never really learn how to do their job. That’s the view of veteran software executive Joel Trammell, and the reason he founded Khorus, a year-old Austin startup. Khorus, which launched last …

|22 Mar 2014

Just 3 Months In, GM CEO Mary Barra Faces a Career- Defining Storm

by: Entrepreneur

Just three months into her tenure as chief executive of General Motors, Mary Barra is confronting the kind of catastrophic oversight and subsequent scrutiny that could confound even the most weathered executives.

|18 Mar 2014