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Why Texas Is Booming

Today, let’s take a look at a new article by Joel Trammell, CEO of local business management company Khorus. Trammell, who writes regularly on his site The American CEO, interviewed Ed Curtis Jr.

|07 Nov 2019

Texas CEO Podcast: Ask a CEO

Texas CEO Magazine has a new podcast series featuring tech CEO veteran Joel Trammell. Each week Joel addresses a conundrum or quandary faced by CEOs.

|22 Oct 2019

Podcast: Interview with Joel Trammell CEO, Author of The CEO Tightrope

In this episode, we interview Joel Trammell who is a successful CEO and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience.

|17 Oct 2019

Leaders and Strategies in Real Life

Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership features our Q&A with Citrix CEO David Henshall as well as articles about several other companies and leaders.

|07 May 2019

CEO Academy with Joel Trammell

The CEO Academy led by Joel Trammell is designed for the CEO with a successful growing business looking for the tools to maximize value and increase company performance.

|28 Mar 2019

AGC Networks Closes Black Box Acquisition, Preps For Global Expansion

“Joel Trammell, CEO of Black Box, in November told CRN that his company had significant value, but could not support the debt load that had been placed on the company, making the acquisition by AGC the best option for employees, customers, and

|07 Jan 2019

4 hurdles facing the first-time CEO

“The job of CEO is both very challenging and very different from other executive roles.

|23 Aug 2018

CEO Podcast: Your First 100 Days as a CEO

In this CEO podcast by SBI, Black Box CEO Joel Trammell draws on his first 100 days on the job to give advice to first-timers.

|02 Aug 2018

How to Guarantee a Hiring Failure

A small nonprofit was destined for a hiring failure when they started a search for their next executive director. They were looking for a black swan. Here’s how to hire the best candidate for the position instead.

|24 Jul 2018

Black Box CEO On Structural Changes And Why IoT Is A Main Priority

Black Box CEO Joel Trammell has been on the job for eight months. He said his priority in that time has been to differentiate the three businesses that make up the company.

|16 Jul 2018