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CEO Podcast: Your First 100 Days as a CEO

In this CEO podcast by SBI, Black Box CEO Joel Trammell draws on his first 100 days on the job to give advice to first-timers.

|02 Aug 2018

How to Guarantee a Hiring Failure

A small nonprofit was destined for a hiring failure when they started a search for their next executive director. They were looking for a black swan. Here’s how to hire the best candidate for the position instead.

|24 Jul 2018

Black Box CEO On Structural Changes And Why IoT Is A Main Priority

Black Box CEO Joel Trammell has been on the job for eight months. He said his priority in that time has been to differentiate the three businesses that make up the company.

|16 Jul 2018

How Do CEOs Align Internal Resources To Meet External Challenges?

It may sound rudimentary, but chief executives must execute on their companies’ chief priorities, while not allowing themselves to get sidetracked or bogged down in the weeds.

|30 May 2018

Three Recruitment Insights For High-Growth Companies

HBO’s acclaimed series Silicon Valley recently returned for its fifth season, and the struggles to build a startup — Pied Piper — into a billion dollar corporation are all too real at times.

|17 May 2018

3 Soft Skills CEOs Can’t Ignore

The inability to deftly communicate with a company’s many stakeholders can doom a CEO from day one

|02 May 2018

‘Bizarro World’ Management Is Not a Viable Strategy

Entrepreneurs who subscribe to a bizarro world management approach have one tenet. Do everything the opposite of what their former employers have done.

|06 Mar 2018

People vs. Results? You Don’t Have to Choose

How to strike a balance between employee relationships and work requirements

|22 Feb 2018

5 Steps to a Great 1:1 Meeting

The concept of a 1:1 meeting is simple: a recurring dedicated conversation where a manager catches up with each of his or her direct reports.

|31 Jan 2018

First Positioning Is as Important to Your Startup as First Impressions Are to Your Career

First impressions are important in hiring, but too many CEOs and managers neglect an important step in the process: First positioning.

|03 Jan 2018