Monthly Archives: November 2014

Being a Better CEO Leads to Better Employee Hires

Trammell was the first one to take the stage, and the central theme of his talk was how to be a more effective CEO.

|28 Nov 2014

3 Year-End Planning Tips for Stressed-Out CEOs

CMSWire recently sat down with Joel Trammell, author of “The CEO Tightrope,” and founder and CEO of business management software provider Khorus, to discuss strategies that CEOs and other leaders can put in place…

|24 Nov 2014

Remote CEOs: What’s it like to manage a company thousands of miles away?

Despite some expert opinions that operating a company remotely is ill-advised, several Austin companies and CEOs are bucking the trend — and seemingly are making it work.

|21 Nov 2014

3 Top Obstacles Blocking CEO Success

Many CEOs are their own worst enemy. They dive in head first, neglecting to build a solid foundation for success. Here are the three top obstacles blocking success for many CEOs.

|21 Nov 2014

Wise questions get answers

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Joel Trammell brings an analytical acuity to his role as CEO. But he’s learned that leadership requires a more caring side as well.

|12 Nov 2014

The Well-Balanced CEO is a Paranoid Optimist

No company wins all the time. It’s not realistic to think a CEO won’t face problems during their tenure.

|04 Nov 2014