Monthly Archives: July 2015

3 Steps to a More ‘Predictable’ Organization

Predicting revenue is a process that sales teams have used for decades to help company leaders make more informed decisions about the future.

|22 Jul 2015

Two Tools To Grow Your Influence As A Leader

Inspired by Joel Trammell, author of The CEO Tightrope, the former CEO and past Life Science Leader magazine Leadership Lessons contributor

|20 Jul 2015

Being a hospice CEO – reflections from Trinity Hospice’s Dallas Pounds

“Joel Trammell (2014) likens CEOs to diamonds: “Most are flawed in some way, all are hardened and formed under crushing pressures and intense heat, and they are judged by degrees of quality.

|17 Jul 2015

Are You Seeking To Grow Your Influence?

For executives there is an inherent tension between having total responsibility and having very limited control.

|13 Jul 2015