Monthly Archives: October 2015

5 Tips for Young CEOs Managing More Experienced Executives

It’s right to respect your elders but don’t forget who hired whom.

|29 Oct 2015

Don’t Go the Way of Gravity Payments

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price was lauded back in April for raising the minimum salary in his company to $70,000. Since then, he’s lost employees and customers over the decision and is having some personal financial difficulties.

|15 Oct 2015

Joel Trammell: It’s lonely at the top

Joel Trammell wants to make it easier for CEOs to do their jobs.
A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Khorus Software LLC, Trammell said Tuesday that most new chief executives underestimate how difficult it is to lead a company.

|14 Oct 2015

Two-way transparency: The gold standard for high performance

…the common understanding of organizational transparency—that the CEO and top leadership team will hand down relevant information to employees—leaves out a critical piece of the equation.

|14 Oct 2015