Monthly Archives: January 2016

Eight-week Austin CEO seminar to start in April

Serial technology entrepreneur Joel Trammell is scheduled to host a two-month seminar for CEOs starting in April.

|22 Jan 2016

5 Things CEOs Can Learn From Obama’s Advice to His Younger Self

Obama’s statement to NBC’s Matt Lauer ahead of the 2016 State of the Union directly echoes one of the most common comments from new CEOs: they didn’t realize how much constant communication the job requires.

|21 Jan 2016

4 Things CEOs Want From HR Leadership

What an HR executive must do to reclaim his or her rightful advisory role to the CEO.

|19 Jan 2016

8 Questions to Answer Before Selecting a New CEO

Narrow down your search by understanding what the company needs.

|12 Jan 2016

Leadership Matters: Align Your ‘Rowers’ With Your Strategy

A couple of weak or out-of-synch performers may not kill you, but what if the weak performer is a manager? What if he interfaces with customers? Think about the variety of ways a misaligned employee can throw off your company’s trajectory.

|01 Jan 2016