Monthly Archives: June 2016

6 Habits of People-Centric Leaders

Here are six habits of leaders who value people over data (nothing against data, of course). These habits have gone a long way toward helping me build and operate several successful businesses.

|28 Jun 2016

10 Ways to Maximize Your Professional Development

I believe that anyone can succeed if they prepare themselves for the next level in their careers. To do so, you must exploit every opportunity to learn. Here are 10 ways to take control of your leadership development.

|24 Jun 2016

4 Ways to Develop a Better Exit Strategy

Companies that are world-class in one area but neglect the others are not good acquisition targets. Acquirers care about everything — from contracts to HR to the sales pipeline. Here are four ways to be a better acquisition target.

|15 Jun 2016

Why CEOs Need to Be Better Prepared

The CEO role is the most unique but least prepared-for job in business.

|02 Jun 2016

Enemy Mine: Rethink Your Approach to the Competition

Your enemy today could become your ally tomorrow, and vice versa. Too many CEOs and entrepreneurs don’t think broadly enough about whom their competitors might be or how to deal with them.

|01 Jun 2016