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How To Scale A Business

Scaling a business is not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

|27 May 2017

Here’s What Happens When You Have a Stellar Company Strategy

A good strategy is worth its weight in gold. Here are five reasons leaders need to take strategy very seriously in their organizations.

|10 May 2017

Podcast Interview with Joel Trammell, Founder of Khorus

Entrepreneurs, founders and CEO’s have a variety of platforms and software products to help them with marketing, hiring, financials and just about every other aspect of running a company but there’s no platform to help CEO’s be bett

|08 May 2017

To Set a Great Company Strategy, Avoid These 7 Traps

Defining company strategy is a fundamental CEO responsibility. Watch out for these common pitfalls as you go about it.

|26 Apr 2017

10 Questions to Create Your Company Strategy

Getting everyone on the same page in your organization is difficult. These 10 questions will help you develop a strategy that provides a common foundation for high performance.

|06 Apr 2017

The 4 External Groups Every CEO Should Focus On

CEOs are uniquely positioned to interact with outside groups, and doing so regularly can yield major benefits. Here are four external groups CEOs should pay more attention to as their businesses grow.

|08 Mar 2017

3 Ways to Engage Offsite Employees in Your Culture

All the flexibility in today’s business structures poses some unique challenges.

|03 Mar 2017

Ways entrepreneurs learn to manage risk

Is it true that entrepreneurs are the daredevils of the business world, always looking for another cliff in order to plot their next leap?
Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus and writing in Entrepreneur, says he doesn’t buy it.

|03 Mar 2017

6 Things Every Manager Wants from Employees

Each job comes with its own set of requirements, but there are a few universal things every manager looks for in an employee.

|20 Feb 2017

A 3-Step Process to Making Better Decisions

Knowing if, when and how to make decisions requires experience and self-awareness. Putting a process around decision making can help you guard against your weaknesses and be more effective.

|07 Feb 2017