In “The Chief Executive Operating System,” by Joel Trammell and Sherif Sakr, readers are presented with a refreshingly distinct perspective on the multifaceted role of a CEO. While many aspire to ascend to the zenith of their careers by achieving the coveted position of CEO, this book aptly likens the CEO role to reaching base camp on Mount Everest—a formidable beginning to a demanding expedition. Leveraging their extensive reservoir of experience, Trammell and Sakr meticulously construct a comprehensive playbook, illuminating the path to success in the CEO role. This is a terrain where specific guidance has often been scarce in the domain of management literature. The book skillfully navigates the labyrinthine intricacies of effective chief executive leadership, underscoring the unique skills and responsibilities that distinguish this role from all others. If you entertain aspirations of not only occupying but excelling in the realm of executive leadership, “The Chief Executive Operating System” is a must-read.