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Steering clear of other CEO’s mistakes

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

|30 Jan 2013

The No Asshole Policy and Company Culture

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What do you do if one of your star performers is a colossal jerk? You know the type: He or she treats people poorly, doesn’t think the rules apply, behaves arrogantly, etc.

|28 Jan 2013

CEO Tardy to the Party


|25 Jan 2013

Reining in narcissists during meetings

I am involved with a lot of different organizations, which means I attend many meetings with people I don’t know very well. Often these meetings start with the task of everyone going around the room and introducing themselves.

|23 Jan 2013

Chief Executive Inauguration: Handling the First 100 Days

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The Presidential Inauguration takes place every four years but at any given time, 14 to 15 percent of CEOs are in their first year of office, according to global management consulting firm Boston Consulting

|21 Jan 2013

10 Steps to a Nine Figure+ Exit

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of hosting the Austin Technology Council’s first CEO Forum of the year at The Driskill Hotel here in Austin.

|17 Jan 2013

Perpetually late CEOs fail to impress

Judging By This Angry Email, Marissa Mayer Hasn’t Yet Wowed ALL Yahoo Employees

Photo Credit: zoutedrop via Compfight cc

Every new CEO faces some resistance, and high profile ones like Marissa Mayer are especially susceptible to attention-ge

|15 Jan 2013

Engineers as Founders and CEOs?

“Building and running a business is very hard, and doing it well is an act of craftsmanship no less sophisticated than engineering.

|14 Jan 2013

Upcoming CEO Forum on Successful Exits

CEO Forum: Building, Growth and Exits

I’ll be leading the Austin Technology Council’s first CEO Forum of 2013 this Tuesday, January 15th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Driskill Hotel.

|11 Jan 2013

The CEO as Constant Learner

Books maze images courtesy of Flickr user Groume
The one thing I love about business is that every day you are confronted with new situations that require constantly innovative approaches.

|09 Jan 2013



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