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Pope’s resignation a lesson in leadership

English: Pope Benedict XVI during general audition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI today after just eight years in office presents a great case study for leaders of any organization: When is the right time to step down?

|28 Feb 2013

Why Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s work from home ban is the wrong approach

Everyone is commenting on the recent Yahoo memo banning working from home. While most of the discussion revolves around whether allowing employees to work from home is a good idea or not, I want to look at the memo from a CEO perspective.

|27 Feb 2013

CEO Failure Modes: Balancing Total Responsibility with Limited Control

Photo Credit: winnifredxoxo via Compfight
People react in different ways to the burden of responsibility the CEO role entails.

|26 Feb 2013

Texas vs. California: Texas Wins

Texas and California have been in a spat lately – precipitated by Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign to lure businesses away from the Golden State – and I’m here to settle the score: Texas wins.

|22 Feb 2013

CEO Fail: The Master Strategist

Last week I introduced you to another CEO failure mode: the Total Control CEO, who is so afraid of making a mistake that he or she tries to control every decision, no matter how big or small.

|20 Feb 2013

How to hire candidates with creative initiative

Photo credit: Flickr user Sean MacEntee
Philip Delves Broughton is the bestselling author of Ahead of the Curve about going to Harvard Business School, which is a very good book.  I hired him to write a history of NetQoS.

|18 Feb 2013

Google Jumps the Shark

Jump the Shark Photo credit: Wikipedia
Jump the Shark
From a moment on the TV series Happy Days in which the character Fonzie jumped over a shark on water skis, and from then on (supposedly) the show bore no similarity to its original for

|15 Feb 2013

CEO Fail: The Total Control CEO

This article is part of the CEO failure modes series…
I spent my first four years after college in the U.S. Navy teaching at the Naval Nuclear Power School.

|12 Feb 2013

CEOs with a class act

Dick Costolo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo teaches a course on “managing at Twitter” to new managers, according to a recent article in Business Insider.

|11 Feb 2013

Sound and fury: CEOs say the darndest things

Name That Shakespeare Play! (Photo credit: Tracy Lee)
CEOs are only human and sometimes make unfortunate statements. Often, these quotes reveal a Shakespearean “tragic flaw” worthy of the bard himself.

|07 Feb 2013



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