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Rider’s Edge: Harley strengthens CEO’s ties with employees

If the Boss Rides a Harley, He Must Be Human
In this great interview with The New York Times for its latest “Corner Office” column, NIC CEO Harry Herington says riding his Harley to company meetings brought him closer to his employees.

|30 May 2013

How CEOs Hire: John Chambers on the value of your mistakes

First thing I want to ask you about: Tell me about your results. I never get hard work confused with success. So I’d walk you through the successes, and what did you do right.
I’d also ask you to tell me about your failures.

|30 May 2013

Know the cards in poker and business

What can poker teach us about business? A lot, I have found. People are often so focused on their own game that they don’t consider the motivations, needs, and assets of the other players, to their detriment.

|28 May 2013

The drawbacks of cubicles

Open-plan offices make employees less productive, less happy, and more likely to get sick
Earlier this week I published a post asking “Are your employees misaligned?” where I cited a story about our acquiring company plucking software dev

|23 May 2013

Are your employees misaligned? New Forbes article

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica via Compfight cc
I just published a new Forbes column about “How To Make Company Employees Think Like Their CEO.

|22 May 2013

There’s no script for your career

Last week I discussed the concept of implying too much precision in a business model. I also see a similar error when people plan their careers.

|21 May 2013

Business is unpredictable despite your best calculations

Photo credit: Wikipedia
The quest to know all the answers down to the last decimal place sometimes gives people a false sense of surety.

|16 May 2013

Six Hats of the CEO: The Highest Value Roles

To be great the modern CEO must have tremendous influence over their organizations while in some sense seeming to do very little. How CEOs should spend their time has been the focus of my series on the Six Hats of the CEO.

|14 May 2013

CEO Fail: The Budget Blower CEO

Photo Credit: purpleslog via Compfight
My previous article for the CEO failure modes series was about the Roman Emperor CEO, who uses company coffers to fund lavish personal expenditures.

|09 May 2013

Six Hats of the CEO: Priest

Traditional mitra simlex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The sixth and final hat in this series is one I am adding to Jim Schleckser’s work on The High Leverage Roles of a CEO: the Priest hat.

|07 May 2013



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