The Importance of Business Partners

The struggles many companies are facing today reminded me of this story. Like most Americans I distinctly remember where I was on September 11, 2001. My wife and I were attending an industry trade show for our company NetQoS, where …

|13 Dec 2012

CEO Reputation Matters (Infographic)

Check out this infographic by and DOMO about how much CEO reputation can impact customers and investors. I think this is an interesting follow up to my last post about how Aristotle’s Rhetoric has important lessons for CEO credibility. I’ll be discussing this topic more over the next few weeks.

CEO Reputation Matters

|11 Dec 2012

CEO Credibility: Ethos in the 21st Century

Aristotle’s Rhetoric from the 4th century B.C. has many lessons for CEOs today striving to do their best. In particular, his artistic proofs or means of persuasion – ethos, logos, and pathos – match up nicely with what I think …

|10 Dec 2012

CEO Cheerleader Fail: Drawbacks of the Eternal Optimist

How many ways can a CEO fail? Over the next several months I will count the ways. These failure modes involve the CEO acting in some manner that harms their ability to lead the organization. The key tools of leadership …

|05 Dec 2012

Juggling vs. Plate Spinning

I spent most of my summers as a kid hanging around at tennis tournaments across the South. You spend a lot of time at these events just waiting: Waiting for your court to open up…waiting for the courts to dry, …

|30 Nov 2012