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Six Hats of the CEO: The Highest Value Roles

To be great the modern CEO must have tremendous influence over their organizations while in some sense seeming to do very little. How CEOs should spend their time has been the focus of my series on the Six Hats of the CEO.

|14 May 2013

Six Hats of the CEO: Priest

Traditional mitra simlex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The sixth and final hat in this series is one I am adding to Jim Schleckser’s work on The High Leverage Roles of a CEO: the Priest hat.

|07 May 2013

Six hats of the CEO: Learner

Photo credit: Wikipedia
The French author Francois de la Rochefoucauld observed “the only thing constant in life is change.” Great CEOs understand this and are constantly trying to improve and expand their knowledge.

|30 Apr 2013

Six hats of the CEO: Engineer

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The engineer hat – the fourth in my series about the six roles of the CEO – is about “the methodology you use to deliver value to clients.

|23 Apr 2013

Six Hats of the CEO: Player

In my search for experienced CEOs to learn from I joined a CEO peer group called the Inc. CEO Project. This group led by Jim Schleckser was particularly valuable in my thinking about how CEOs should spend their time.

|02 Apr 2013