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Culture: How to Engage Remote Employees

Culture article originally published on Entrepreneur.com.
Culture is how things get done in an organization. That’s why it’s critically important to get right.

|28 Jun 2017

The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 2

Last week I introduced the SCARF model as a way for CEOs to understand and influence their company cultures. Humans are wired to react to rewards and threats in our environments, including in social situations.

|23 Jul 2013

Support oddballs in your company culture

I’ve been discussing the traits I look for in every job candidate, including exceptionalism, motivation, creative initiative, and value.

|19 Mar 2013

Consistency Leads to Desired Culture

Ben Horowitz recently published a great blog post titled “Programming Your Culture,” where he discusses how a CEO can and should design for the culture he wants: “Designing a proper company culture will help you get your company to do what you

|04 Jan 2013