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Doing Less, Leading More

Excellent article that gets to the crux of leadership: In order to be great, you have to shed the individual contributor role that made you successful on your way to the CEO chair.

|19 Dec 2013

Why CEOs Should Cultivate Paranoid Optimism

One of the interesting things about the CEO job is that almost every employee has a strong opinion about the CEO’s performance.

|17 Dec 2013

CEO Fail: The Super VP CEO

In my first CEO role I intentionally sought out another CEO in Austin as a peer, because his company was in the same general industry as mine. We would often run into each other at events around town or at industry trade shows.

|22 Aug 2013

New Forbes post: No country for new CEOs

CEOs these days are given one term in office. If they’re very successful, they might get four more years.

|22 Jul 2013