Whether you’re already a CEO, on track to become one, or just starting out, this is an interesting resource on what it takes to be a CEO (or any leader of an organization), along with the tools and skills necessary to succeed. Let’s be real. Most people who are promoted to higher positions are often ill-prepared for the role because they’re thrown in to the position not having held it before. AND, I will admit that I disagreed with the authors at the first chapter. “No one gets to the role of CEO without knowing how to work with people.” And with the companies I’ve worked with, that’s not necessarily been the case. In an ideal world, sure. But in reality, no. For many new CEOs, people-related challenges are the biggest concern (challenge, headache). But don’t let my disagreement stop you. Because the authors dig in. Offering a list of tools needed in order to become THAT CEO. The one everyone looks up to and who can achieve success. For me, this is strong addition to a senior manager’s (on up) library.