Is 13 Tools Enough? Maximizing a CEO’s Time

A recent article in reveals the 13 tools Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne uses in his daily role, with Evernote as his core tool. The proliferation of tools and apps in recent years leaves many of us wondering which ones to use. The CEO is the only one in the company who can spend time any way he wants, and this is both an opportunity and a curse. The tendency of most new CEOs is to spend their time on day-to-day fires and issues rather than focus on strategy and planning. Using the latest and greatest app is fine, but all CEOs should have a system that enables them to run their companies at a strategic level.

My series on the Six Hats of the CEO focused on how CEOs should spend their time. Those who spend the majority of their day in the “high-leverage” roles of architect, engineer and coach are more likely to build a company that will be around for the long haul. Also see my latest article for Entrepreneur where I discuss 8 Ways Rookie CEOs Can Succeed Faster.


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