200 CEOs: We’re Flying Blind

Khorus Business Management System

Khorus eBook Summarizes 200-CEO Survey

My company Khorus just conducted a survey of 200 CEOs with 50+ employees about their main challenges, and the results are enlightening: More than 70 percent of those surveyed have previous experience as a CEO but still struggle to align employees to the corporate goals as well as capture and forecast company performance. The reasons? About half of CEOs blame one or more of the following:

  • Inadequate tools (ERP or other business management tools)
  • KPIs irrelevant to business goals
  • Inability to ascertain performance of employees beyond the CEO’s direct reports

About 80 percent of the CEOs polled said they only find out monthly or at the end of the quarter if the company is meeting its corporate goals. As I’ve mentioned before, once a company gets beyond 50 employees, it becomes extremely difficult to get everyone on the same page without a formal system. I founded Khorus to offer CEOs a business management system that aligns employees to the company’s strategic objectives and lets CEOs know the status of individual, departmental, and corporate progress towards those objectives at any given time. 

To see a full copy of the CEO survey results, sign up for the Khorus eBook here: http://info.khorus.com/200-CEOs-Can’t-Be-Wrong


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