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The probing truth about great CEOs

Meg Whitman Has A Few Questions For You
Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive officer, Meg Whitman, seldom tells people what to do. She just keeps quizzing them until the path ahead is obvious.

|27 Jun 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Build the Culture

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc
I’ve recently discussed how CEOs need to own the vision and provide the proper resources. Another key responsibility is to Build the Culture.

|25 Jun 2013

To Board or Not to Board: That is the question for early stage companies

Steve Blank: Don’t Give Away Your Board Seats

Brad Feld: Start Building Your Board Early

This week in The Wall Street Journal blog “The Accelerators,” Brad Feld and Steve Blank wrote articles taking opposing sides about when early stage found

|20 Jun 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Provide the Proper Resources

I just published the second article for this series in my Forbes column: The Resource Allocation Dilemma Faced By CEOs Every Single Day.

|18 Jun 2013

Can having too much capital be a problem?

Have less funding than your competitors? Good!

I often talk with young entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise money to keep their startup going. They are typically high achievers who have never failed at anything in their life.

|13 Jun 2013

CEO taken down by yoga pants?

Lululemon CEO Christine Day Is Stepping Down
Lululemon Athletica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are many different ways a CEO can lose his or her job, and in this case it looks like quality control was the driving issue (the retailer had to recall 1

|12 Jun 2013

The importance of CEO transparency

Do You Publish Your Board Book To Your Entire Company?
In this recent blog post, Brad Feld revealed his benchmark for CEO transparency: Sharing the information you give to your board (usually quarterly) with your entire company.

|11 Jun 2013

Infographic: What makes a great CEO?

The National Business Research Institute (NBRI) researched common themes across 20 of the highest profile CEOs to create this interesting infographic:

|07 Jun 2013

When can a founder be a good CEO?

People often say that entrepreneurs who start out as CEO will need to be replaced at some point with a “professional” CEO. The thought is that the entrepreneur won’t be able to scale as the business grows.

|06 Jun 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Own the Vision

What exactly does a CEO do? You may have asked this question whether you are a CEO or not (or maybe especially if you are a CEO!).

|04 Jun 2013



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