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Avoiding fiscal decision paralysis

One of my favorite bloggers – Fred Wilson of A VC – wrote an article back in January called “The Fiscal Mess: Death By A Thousand Cuts.” As I look back on this post, it reminds me of several decisions I made as CEO.

|26 Sep 2013

Three ways to spot a bad CEO

What is The Most Dangerous Secret of Corporate America? Writing for, Paul Mampilly puts it bluntly:
Many CEOs aren’t good at their jobs. And some of them are morons.

|24 Sep 2013

How CEOs Can Triage Decisions

Image courtesy of TSG Associates Ltd of England and Wikipedia
During my CEO decision-making series, I’ve talked about how to thwart the four villains of decision-making and 10 rules to live by, but what do you do when you are in the heat of battle

|19 Sep 2013

On the Great Recession 5-year anniversary

Anniversary of the Great Recession: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t
I’m quoted in this article written by Geoff Williams in U.S. News & World Report today about the five-year anniversary of the Great Recession.

|17 Sep 2013

10 Rules of CEO Decision-making: Finale

Here are the final three of my 10 rules to effective CEO decision-making, which have guided me for many years. These three entail working with and supporting your staff to ensure the best decision possible is made.

|17 Sep 2013

10 Rules of CEO Decision-making: Part 2

I’m sharing 10 rules of decision-making for CEOs, which have helped guide me through the years.

|12 Sep 2013

10 Rules of CEO Decision-making: Part 1

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc
I’m in the middle of a weeks-long odyssey to show CEOs how they can make the best decisions possible. Over the next few posts, I’ll share 10 rules of decision-making that have served me well as a CEO.

|10 Sep 2013

Thwarting the 4 villains of decision-making

Now that I’ve have discussed what decisions the CEO should be making, I want to address how to make the best decisions possible.

|05 Sep 2013

Which Decisions Should a CEO Make?

As I wrote about recently, one of the main responsibilities of a CEO is to make good decisions. This is easier said than done of course. I will spend the next few weeks discussing the elements of good decision-making.

|03 Sep 2013



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