Monthly Archives: September 2014

Strategy is not dead but only the beginning

Writing in Forbes, Rick Smith asks, “Is Strategy Dead? 7 Reasons The Answer May Be Yes.” He makes some excellent points, but in my opinion strategy is not dead but only the starting point for a company – not the final product.

|24 Sep 2014

Should there be a CEO school?

“We had never thought of it as a profession.

|18 Sep 2014

Welcome to the New American CEO

My new book “The CEO Tightrope” hits bookstores today, and in conjunction I’ve launched a brand new American CEO Web site. My lofty ambition as many of you know is to usher in a new era for current and aspiring CEOs.

|09 Sep 2014

Graphic: Employee evolution past vs. future

Jacob Morgan, Principal & Co-Founder of Chess Media Group, recently published this graphic in a Forbes article about his new book titled “The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization.

|04 Sep 2014



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