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My new book “The CEO Tightrope” hits bookstores today, and in conjunction I’ve launched a brand new American CEO Web site. My lofty ambition as many of you know is to usher in a new era for current and aspiring CEOs. I believe that most people are not prepared for the challenges of the role, which contributes to the high CEO failure rate. However, if they take the time to understand the job’s unique responsibilities and adopt the right methodology, most can set themselves up for success from day one.

To that end, I’ve added a discussion forum to the site, which I hope will become a lively place to ask and answer questions about all things pertaining to CEOs. Sign up under “CEO Resources” to contribute to the forum or ask me a question.

In addition, you have access on the site to all my archived blog posts and – quick plug – you may also purchase a signed copy of my book. It’s also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, airports or ask for it at your local bookstore.

Thanks to everyone at Workhorse Digital who developed the new site!


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