CEO Fail: The Grandparent CEO

Grandparents have the best job in the world: They get to enjoy the kids when they want but don’t usually have to deal with issues like discipline. If they spoil the grandkids a little and let them get away with something, well that is part of the fun. This works great for grandparents but not so well for CEOs.

One of the key roles of the CEO is to set the bar for the quality of work allowable in any organization. If the CEO lets people get away with not meeting their deliverables, it will reflect on his or her credibility. Setting up good metrics is a key step. The harder part is consistently holding everyone to the high standards required to be a successful company.

Are you a Grandparent CEO?

  1. Do you allow people in your organization to miss deliverables without any repercussions?
  2. Would people in your organization feel like you hold some groups to higher standards than other groups?
  3. Do you cheer every victory – no matter how small? See also: CEO Cheerleader Fail: Drawbacks of the Eternal Optimist


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