Employee engagement counts

Officevibe has created this infographic about employee engagement based on a bunch of stats that support what I’ve been saying on this blog for a while: Employee engagement is low in general across U.S. companies, money is not a chief motivator if you pay market value, people leave bosses not companies, engaged employees perform better, etc. For CEOs, ensuring that your employees are engaged should be one of your top priorities. One way to do this is to own the vision and make sure that everyone in the company – from entry-level to executives – understands the corporate goals and how their day-to-day activities contribute to those goals.

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

Infographic crafted by Officevibe, the corporate team building and employee engagement platform.


  1. #10 is an interesting point because it raises the issue of causality. Some people believe that profitable companies lead to engaged employees. Others believe that engaged employees lead to profits.

    Here’s a link to a post (and a bonus Gallup study) that shows the latter is true. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First? http://bit.ly/aykG8L

  2. I completely agree Andrew – companies that have a vision beyond making profits = service attract people who are far more likely to meet with those values = engaged talent = increase in profits. Vision, service, collaboration, innovation and energised, inspired talent.


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