Evolving From Founder to Great CEO

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When can a founder be a good CEO? It’s an important question and the subject of my submission for next year’s South by Southwest conference. While not every founder is interested in becoming a full-time CEO, I believe anyone who is serious about it can learn the role with the right preparation and methodology.

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Evolving From Founder to Great CEO

It is conventional wisdom in the startup community that founding CEOs eventually must be replaced by a professional CEO for companies to reach their full potential. The idea is that the qualities that lead someone to be an entrepreneur are not conducive to the corner office. But if this is true, how do we explain Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg – all founders who served as CEO and led their companies to greatness? I believe that the CEO role can be learned, and that in most cases the founding entrepreneur is the best person to lead the company to greatness. While many startups fail, the CEO should not be the cause if they learn the key responsibilities of this critical role. This presentation will provide a methodology for the CEO job that can be adopted by any entrepreneur.



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