GM CEO Mary Barra Demonstrates Mastery of the Three Cs

GM CEO Mary Barra Photo Credit: © General Motors

GM CEO Mary Barra Photo Credit: © General Motors

Earlier this week I spoke to Entrepreneur writer Geoff Weiss for an article about how GM CEO Mary Barra is handling their vehicle recalls. I believe that so far she has shown mastery of the most powerful tools CEOs have to achieve top performance: credibility, competence, and caring (I call them the three Cs). As I say in the article, the video message she published on the GM web site showed that she cares about the vehicle issues, that she is accepting responsibility for them, and that she is taking steps to fix the problem as well as ensure that it never happens again. Time will tell if she truly has the competency to lead GM, but I think she’s off to a good start. Check out the article for my full comments.

In addition, here are a few more articles that share additional insight into how Barra is handling this issue:

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