How to avoid being a weak executive

Striking a Balance Between Yes Man and Doubting Thomas

In my latest article for Entrepreneur Magazine, I discuss what good CEOs are looking for in their executives and how to avoid being a weak one. This includes not acting like a “Debbie Downer.”


  1. Being a trusted #2 several times in my former corporate life and being a CEO growth consultant now share a certain requirement. The worst thing in either role is to lack an opinion. A good consultant will chance losing an engagement by speaking what he/she sees as the truth, regardless of the risk that (a) they’ll be wrong and look stupid or (b) the CEO won’t want to be told about an elephant in the room. Courage is a highly valued attribute by a balanced CEO who wants the organization to succeed.

    • Well said Bob! Thank you for sharing your perspective as someone who works with a lot of CEOs!


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