Yearly Archives: 2015

6 Things Your Employees Want From Performance Reviews

Here are six of the most important universal building blocks for conducting effective reviews.

|23 Dec 2015

4 Ways to Balance Company Rules With Values

How do you keep your business flexible and efficient at the same time?

|01 Dec 2015

5 Tips for Young CEOs Managing More Experienced Executives

It’s right to respect your elders but don’t forget who hired whom.

|29 Oct 2015

Don’t Go the Way of Gravity Payments

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price was lauded back in April for raising the minimum salary in his company to $70,000. Since then, he’s lost employees and customers over the decision and is having some personal financial difficulties.

|15 Oct 2015

Joel Trammell: It’s lonely at the top

Joel Trammell wants to make it easier for CEOs to do their jobs.
A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Khorus Software LLC, Trammell said Tuesday that most new chief executives underestimate how difficult it is to lead a company.

|14 Oct 2015

Two-way transparency: The gold standard for high performance

…the common understanding of organizational transparency—that the CEO and top leadership team will hand down relevant information to employees—leaves out a critical piece of the equation.

|14 Oct 2015

Are You Pulling Teeth To Reach Goals?

Don’t allow your employees to walk away with a new set of goals they know they can’t accomplish – but also be sure not to underset goals which can inhibit productivity.

|22 Sep 2015

Tip: Clearly Define Company’s Vision for Success

Leaders should clearly define and communicate a vision for the company to accelerate progress, says Joel Trammell, author of The CEO Tightrope, in How Leaders Can Drive Company Culture.

|13 Aug 2015

Executives: Edit Your CEO-Targeted Communications to Get Better Results

The CEO needs a specific type of information from the leadership team, but his or her executives bury that insight beneath layers of meaningless metrics and fluff. Confusion all around results, preventing execution and collaboration.

|06 Aug 2015

Austin Startup Blogs & Press

With the tremendous influx of innovators, talent, and capital to Austin’s startup community, I’m increasingly asked how/where to keep tabs on what’s going on.

|04 Aug 2015