No CEO for Obamacare a bad idea

White House Rejects Idea Of Creating An Obamacare CEO

The idea of a CEO for Obamacare is so obvious that it is hard to believe there could be any disagreement. The Affordable Care Act is a huge endeavor that would test even the best CEO. The resistance from the administration as outlined in this Business Insider article reminds me of a startup CEO who won’t give up any control to his team. When this happens in a 50-person startup, it often causes serious issues that threaten the viability of the company. When it happens in an entity the size of the federal government, it is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. Joel, you should throw your name in the hat and go fix Obamacare…

    • Haha: I am not that much of a glutton for punishment…

  2. Politics aside, I totally agree that someone needs to own this “affordable care” start-up within a giant bureaucratic entity. It will take a very special individual to take that on and get a win on the other side, but I really do hope they come to their senses and find/appoint/whatever someone!


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