How to overcome a subpar goals management system

I spend a lot of time advising executives about how to run an effective goals management system. However, many employees are at the mercy of leaders and systems with weak goals management processes that are not connected to business results. These employees find it difficult to connect their day-to-day contributions and individual goals to the corporate strategy. They need to understand what a good goals management system looks like and how to set up their own goals even if their company’s goals aren’t clear. With this in mind, I wrote this article for Fast Company to give employees at all levels a process for linking their goals to the corporate business objectives and making themselves more valuable as a result. Here’s a quick excerpt. Please help me share the article!

4 Steps To Take When Your Company’s Goals Aren’t Clear

“Let’s face it: Many companies’ goals-management systems stink. Not applicable to day-to-day business operations or results, these systems are outdated, once-a-quarter, or even once-a-year processes that everyone treats as an administrative check box. Even companies that create corporate goals don’t always communicate them well or help employees understand how their daily work can contribute to them. This is where employee disengagement begins.

If you are not lucky enough to work for companies like Google or LinkedIn that have effective goals-management systems, there are ways to rise above this and make yourself more valuable in the process.”




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