Five for Friday: Leadership hacks

Jostle Blog
October 7, 2016

Tom Peters, the Red Bull of management thinking, believes “Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” This is an important distinction. But as a leader, how do you put this into practice? And how do you get there fast? In today’s Five for Friday, we’ve gathered a few quick ideas to help you nurture and enhance those around you.

  1. Thoughts on how the best CEOs get the important work done from .
  2. @Basecamp shares how mindful work can make you a better leader.
  3. @tnvora offers 12 critical competencies for leading in the rapidly changing world of work.
  4. @TheAmericanCEO explores the six habits of people-centric leaders.
  5. @kenrya examines an idea from @BreneBrown that leaders should wallow in failure.

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