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10 ways CEOs can get better at their jobs

“Learning is not compulsory but neither is survival.” W. Edwards Deming

Whether the result of ignorance, hubris or both, it is easy as a CEO to get trapped into thinking that you should have all the answers. But that’s a sure way to stagnation. It is critical to your long-term success to build a cycle of continuous improvement into your corporate and personal development. In my newest Forbes article today I provide a list of 10 ways CEOs can continuously improve their performance.

Some of the items may seem simple – read some books, write some content, gather feedback – but you’d be surprised how many CEOs do not make the time for these things. Special thanks to my friend Mike Hawkins at www.alpinelink.com, where I got the basis for this list.

With so many things on a CEO’s plate, how do you find the time to get better? The real question is: How can you afford not to?