Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

As the classic Frank Sinatra song goes, “It was a very good year.” Khorus continues to grow and become an essential CEO management tool for many companies. I strive to educate both current and prospective CEOs on how to do the job better. This blog focused on that topic again this year of course – along with everything from the state of venture capital, to CEO leadership as informed by presidential politics, to Google as an outlier in business. Here is the countdown of my most popular blog posts of 2015. 

top 10 blog posts

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10. Is Donald Trump a Leader? In this post I apply my three Cs model of CEO leadership to Trump. Does he measure up? The answer may surprise you.

9. Beacon CEO Flies New Airline Service: For this podcast and Q&A, I had the opportunity to speak with Wade Eyerly, CEO of private subscription airline service Beacon. He had some very interesting insights on the airline industry and the role of the CEO, especially about building a good culture.

8. Chasing Unicorns: The Beginning of the End: This article is my lamentation about the glut of money and focus being paid to so-called unicorns. The consequences will be less capital for everyone down the road.

7. 12 Ways CEOs Build Learning into Their Daily Routines: CEOs who say they have no time for professional development are not doing their jobs correctly. This post provides 12 practical suggestions for building self-improvement into your work routine.

6. Under Armour CEO on Decision-Making: Kevin Plank gave the best quote of the entire Austin Technology Council CEO Summit last May. It helped me summarize my thinking about decision-making in a very clear and concise manner.

5. What a Sociologist Taught Me about the MBA’s Limits: This article takes applied physics to a new level. I’ve always thought that MBA programs are lacking, especially for prospective CEOs. An article in Physics World brought home to me why that is.

4. The Top 15 Essential CEO Skills: I believe there are 15 skills that are fundamental for CEOs to master. This article summarizes all of them, which are outlined in detail in 15 Khorus blog posts starting withAttracting People.”

3. Org Charts Essential to Good Decision Making: No matter what your organizational structure, an up-to-date org chart is critical for letting people know exactly who should be making which decisions. I believe in this so strongly that we built an interactive org chart feature in Khorus.

2. Why You Can’t Run Your Company Like Google: Just because all the cool kids are doing it…Or, why Google should not be your business role model.

And my most popular blog post of 2015 was…drum roll please….

1. Why Are VCs Biased Against Me? I’ve had more than 100 meetings with VCs during my career and raised money exactly once. What gives?


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