Why CEOs have power but lack influence

Entrepreneur.com just published an article I wrote titled “How Leaders Can Find Their Mojo.” Whether they admit it or not, many chief executives feel powerless in their organizations. Oh sure, they have power: They can hire and fire, acquire companies, reorganize whole divisions, change the company strategy, etc. But once an organization gets beyond 20 or 30 people, CEOs start to lose the ability to influence the day-to-day activities and priorities of their people. Chief executives who don’t have a formal system to align employees to the corporate strategy and goals risk consequences such as employee disengagement, inefficiency, and poor performance, no matter how many organizational changes they make. In the article, I cover the top three challenges that cause CEOs to feel powerless and what they can do about it. Check it out here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231430


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