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CEO Scorecard for Grading Performance

This article was originally published under the title “How to Solicit Valuable Feedback From Your Board” on Entrepreneur.com on August 12, 2016.

|18 Jan 2017

Command’s Place Among Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are covered so often in the popular business press – frequently positioned as opposing forces – that you would assume no other element is involved in running organizations.

|01 Apr 2014

Grading the CEO

In my latest article for Forbes.com – How Do You Evaluate CEO Performance? 6 Ways To Grade The Chief – I discuss a scorecard I developed to help corporate boards objectively evaluate CEO performance.

|19 Aug 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Deliver Performance

I recently discussed how important building the culture is to maximizing performance. The CEO must also take an active role in driving that performance, which is the fifth and final key CEO responsibility in this series.

|09 Jul 2013

Do more connected CEOs have better company performance?


The answer is yes, and it’s more than anecdotal.

|26 Apr 2013