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Command’s Place Among Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are covered so often in the popular business press – frequently positioned as opposing forces – that you would assume no other element is involved in running organizations. However, one essential concept receives little attention, especially in the context of the CEO role: Command.

Grading the CEO

In my latest article for – How Do You Evaluate CEO Performance? 6 Ways To Grade The Chief – I discuss a scorecard I developed to help corporate boards objectively evaluate CEO performance. Boards can be one of a CEO’s few sources of direct feedback, but many board members do not know much about the CEO role or how to provide formal input. The scorecard categories correspond to the responsibilities of the CEO that I’ve discussed on this blog and provide a way for boards to give consistent, structured input to the CEO. Check out the article and let me know what you think.

Do more connected CEOs have better company performance?

The answer is yes, and it’s more than anecdotal. Texas Enterprise shares the business and public policy knowledge created at The University of Texas at Austin and published an article recently detailing the research of assistant professor Cesare Fracassi, who studies executives’ social networks. He recently finished a nine-year study comparing the social ties between 30,860 executives at 2,059 companies to decisions those companies made, especially investment patterns. His conclusion in a nutshell:

“There is evidence that suggests that where the CEO and directors are more socially involved, the company is more profitable,” Fracassi says. “The information they receive helps the company to make the right decisions.”

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