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How to set corporate goals in 2014

Effective goals management leads to execution that supports corporate strategy
I’ve done a couple of Webinars recently to show CEOs and other executives how to set goals for their organizations. This is one of the keys to success in any company.

|11 Feb 2014

Employee engagement counts

OfficeVibe has created this infographic about employee engagement based on a bunch of stats that support what I’ve been saying on this blog for awhile: Employee engagement is low in general across U.S.

|06 Feb 2014


Too many CEOs seem to believe they are in charge of an espionage operation instead of running a company. Having spent my first four years out of college teaching at the Naval Nuclear Power School, I understand the need for secrecy in some cases.

|29 Aug 2013

How can CEOs measure culture?

Now that I’ve covered a model for understanding corporate culture and some ways to create a good one, the next question many CEOs ask is: “Can I measure my culture?” The answer is yes.

|27 Aug 2013

10 measures to a high-performance culture: 1-3

Photo credit: Wikipedia
I just completed my three-part series about how CEOs can model culture and influence it using the SCARF model (employees’ perceptions of Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness).

|06 Aug 2013

The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 2

Last week I introduced the SCARF model as a way for CEOs to understand and influence their company cultures. Humans are wired to react to rewards and threats in our environments, including in social situations.

|23 Jul 2013

The SCARF model for understanding culture: Part 1

Do employees always react to company news in the way you expect? If you have been a CEO or even a manager for very long you’ve learned that they don’t.

|16 Jul 2013

5 Responsibilities of a CEO: Build the Culture

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc
I’ve recently discussed how CEOs need to own the vision and provide the proper resources. Another key responsibility is to Build the Culture.

|25 Jun 2013

Can’t buy employee motivation (Infographic)

Here is an interesting infographic Salesforce.com published on its blog about How to Motivate Your Employees, with the main message that money is not the top motivator.

|02 May 2013

CEOs: Employee engagement matters

This infographic from CEO.com is a good depiction of why employee engagement matters. It is essential in driving a high-performance culture.

|08 Apr 2013